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Social responsibility

WARM HEART of MC UNIX. The twenty second action

UNIX took part in charity event “Children believe in miracle”. Project was aimed to assist children deprived of parental care and was founded in 2008 by UNIX partner – Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development (UBRD).

At the beginning of January, 15 teenagers-graduates of foster homes of Sverdlovsk region came to Yekaterinburg to get ready for adult life. 

“Our goal was to help graduates to develop a need for work and responsible life. There are many sad examples of how graduates cannot earn money, cook and even are unable to buy food. We’ve created best conditions to teach them”, said Elina Kuschenko, head of PR-projects department of UBRD.

Program was planned so that youngsters could obtain theoretical knowledge as well as spend their free time with benefit.  At the lectures during the day, youngsters were taught to set goals in life: apply to a college and get education, find a job and independently sustain their life. Teenagers were told about starting a family; special attention was drawn to financial literacy and family budget creation, basic knowledge about human rights protection and medical care was provided. Participants spent one evening to visit Ice City and went to a movie. 

UBRD notes that there are more and more people ready to help those who are difficult life circumstances. “We joined this project because we understand that tangible gifts are the least we can do for these children. Such events are much more important for them. There they can learn how to communicate, develop skills of responsible life, learn things that they cannot learn in foster homes”, thinks Aram Bekchyan, CEO of UNIX.

WARM HEART of MC UNIX. The twenty first action

UNIX took part in “Charity instead of souvenirs” event set up by the oldest Yekaterinburg fund “Mi vmeste” (We Together).

“Instead of a gift to our partner bank for its anniversary we’ve transferred funds to children charity fund,” according to company press-service. ”All funds were aimed for a purchase of expensive medicine for little patients of oncology department of Yekaterinburg Regional Children Clinical Hospital No. 1.

WARM HEART of MC UNIX. The twentieth action

UNIX was among promoters of republican children drawing contest “Joyance World” that took place in Kabardino-Balkaria in summer 2016. The event was dated to construction of republican perinatal center in Nalchik. Facility was erected by the project of UNIX that was a General Contractor.

Young participants have sent over 70 works from different settlements of Kabardino-Balkaria e.g. Nalchik, Narktali etc.
Award ceremony for the winners was held at Architecture, Construction and Design University of Kabardino-Balkaria. All participants obtained valuable gifts and diplomas. Works of the participants beautifies the fence of the Perinatal Center.

“With great pleasure we’ve supported “Joyance World” idea. Such events inspire young talents to work and self-actualization. Adults fell positive emotions as well. We hope that this competition will become good and kind tradition”, noted representative of UNIX media office.

WARM HEART of MC UNIX. The nineteenth action

On 17th of November, 2015 UNIX Company provided rehabilitation equipment for the children of foster house “Polyanka” in Beriozovskiy (Sverdlovsk region).

It should be mentioned that UNIX company took “Polyanka” under patronage in 2012. During this time, Company Personnel visited fostering institution frequently. UNIX personnel organize regular charity actions related to territory cleaning and improvement, help with repair of rooms, purchase toys and equipment, play games and give classes.

KIND HEART MC UNIX. Eighteenth Campaign

KIND HEART MC UNIX. Eighteenth CampaignOn 13th of January 2015, the Old New Year eve, participants of “Kind Heart” project visited Gorbachyova Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Traumatology Research Institute based on Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University.

UNIX Company employees held a master class in painting on T-shirts and told children about Old New Year celebration traditions. Young painters mastered new technique with great pleasure and gladly painted presents for their siblings and parents.

“Children from all over the country and CIS countries undergo protracted medical treatment here. All kinds of bone marrow transplantations are carried out for children and adults in this unique treatment facility – said Maria Didik, project curator – A lot of children spend months here and we would like to make their days joyful. This is a good tradition of our company to visit foster homes, hospitals, to help families with children with Down syndrome, started in 2012 on the initiative of Ekaterinburg branch of UNIX Company. Gradually, such visits became regular and many employees became attached to their fosterlings. It was decided that since 2015 “Kind Heart” would expand its geography. Our colleagues from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk picked up a slack of good deeds”.

KIND HEART MC UNIX. Seventeenth Campaign

KIND HEART MC UNIX. Seventeenth CampaignOn 19th of November, 2014 a regular “Kind Heart” event took place. UNIX personnel paid a visit to specialized house of childhood No. 4 in Revda town with little presents – disinfectants for cleaning, hair clippers so that children could look beautiful and neat.

Children from 0 to 4 years are raised in this foster home. There are children with inborn diseases, denied children, and children whose parents were deprived of parental rights. According to Mrs. Maria Didik, supervisor of the “Kind Heart” project, childcare institution is in good condition. It is situated in neo-classical Stalinist building. It is warm and cozy there. There are many thoughtful and caring people putting heart into raising these children.   



KIND HEART MC UNIX. Sixteenth Campaign

On 6th of August, 2014 company personnel spent an exciting day in the city zoo with the Farshatovs, multi-children family well known to UNIX personnel. Triplet Roma, Pasha and Dasha are developing and are fighting with their diseases owing to their mother, despite disability established at birth. She spends a lot of time and makes every effort so that her children would not feel themselves different from other children.  

KIND HEART MC UNIX. The Fifteenth Charity Campaign

On 11th of June, 2014 “UNIX” held an event in the framework of charity project “Kind Heart”. This time company team helped to clean territory of Yekaterinburg foster home. “Kind Heart” project started up in 2012 as a personal initiative of “UNIX” personnel. Pay visits almost every month to foster homes and houses of childhood. By-time and developing activities are organized for children in a difficult circumstances. 

KIND HEART MC UNIX. The Fourteenth Charity Campaign

KIND HEART MC UNIX. The Fourteenth Charity Campaign«UNIX» Company carried out a charity action in the framework of “Kind Heart” project.

On May, 23 2014 “UNIX” Company carried out charity action in “Polyanka” foster home situated in Beryozovskiy in the framework of “Kind Heat” social project.

Institution territory was an object of the action. Participants took a range of measures for territory improvement: trimmed garden and lawn, planted flowers, gathered soil and took it to the greenhouse, collected garbage.  

In addition, “UNIX” personnel prepared different presents for their wards.

Head of foster house expressed gratitude to all action participants for care, support and interest in orphaned children lives.

It is worth mentioning that “UNIX” company took “Polyanka” under patronage in 2012. During this time, Company Personnel visited fostering institution frequently. “UNIX” personnel organize regular charity actions related to territory cleaning and improvement, help to repair of rooms, purchase toys and equipment, play games and give classes.

“UNIX” Company Conducted Regular Charitable Action

UNIX Company Conducted Regular Charitable Action On April, 25 “UNIX” Company has conducted a regular charity action as part of a corporate social project “Kind Heart”. This time, Yekaterinburg subdivision employees visited foster home “Polyanka” situated in Berezovskiy.

“Polyanka” foster children are handicapped children with musculoskeletal system disorders. They can not independently walk. The arrival of guests is a real holiday for them.    

During the visit, children received interesting developing and intellectual games as gifts. They will make fosterers work more effective and children’s life more entertaining. What is more, “UNIX” Company employees brought multivitamins that help to cope with seasonal vitamin deficiency and also presented a wheelchair.

According to “UNIX” Company employees, not the presents were important to the children but the attention. With great pleasure children communicated and played new games. After our departure, we felt pleasure because we gave children a day of joy.

The next action of “Kind heart” project will be conducted in May. “UNIX” Company employees together with foster children and fosterers of “Polyanka” foster home are planning to develop territory around it and to plant flowers.

KIND HEART MC UNIX. The Twelveth Charity Campaign

KIND HEART MC UNIX. The Twelveth Charity CampaignMedical Company UNIX organized regular charity action in the framework of “Kind Heart” social project.

This time company personnel met the Farshatovs, a multiple children family. This family raises a triplet: Roma, Pasha and Dasha. Children were born in 2010 during the 30th week of pregnancy. As the result, disability of all three children was declared. Pasha had complications.  He was diagnosed with infantile cerebral palsy. Parents did not put up with this terrible disease and made every possible effort to cope with consequences of illness. According to Elena Farshatova, mother of the triplets, Pasha had undergone a few courses of rehabilitation, as the result he can walk holding a hand of his mother despite he could not even turn when he was one year old. Roma and Dasha are well developed and adapted despite their disability. They attend kindergarten together with ordinary children.

Medical Company UNIX organized a visit for the triplets, their mother and grandmother to Ekaterinburg Mayakovskiy Recreation and Leisure Park. Children and grown-ups rode the amusements, listened to a “singing fountain”, walked through the alleys of the park and visited international exhibition dedicated to bears.

Infantile cerebral palsy is a hard lot for a child as well as for child’s parents. Atomic efforts and expenses are needed to help a child to fight the illness, so that he could become a sound member of society. It is especially hard for the Farshatovs family because two more kids are growing in their family along with Pasha. They also need care and attention. Despite this, parents of the children do not give up. They believe in happy future of their little triplet and hope that Pasha will kill a disease.

KIND HEART MC UNIX. The Eleventh Charity Campaign

KIND HEART MC UNIX. The Eleventh Charity CampaignRegular action of “Kind Heart” social project of UNIX Company took place. This time, personnel of Yekaterinburg branch of “UNIX” Company played “Pirates of the Caribbean” game with the children living in the department of Foster Home situated in Beryezovskiy town.

As children are abilities limited in movement, game was focused on solvation of thematic questions and creative tasks. Having passed all rounds of the game and having collected the map, all participants obtained presents from “UNIX” Company.

We often communicate with the children and will visit them again with great pleasure.


WARM HEART of MC UNIX. Action 10

Fabulous birds of MC UNIX in the children’s homeFabulous birds of MC UNIX in the children’s homeFabulous birds of MC UNIX in the children’s home.

On December 17, 2012 the Ekaterinburg team of MC UNIX held a pre-New Year charity event as a part of the “Warm heart” project. Prior to the holiday the representatives of MC UNIX visited the Beryozovsky branch of the Ekaterinburg children’s home, where they together with the kids and teachers created masquerade masks of fabulous birds of colored cardboard and paper.

The time spent with the kids flashed by and by the end of the visit all the participants had their own unique masks created by children with all their fantasy and imagination. Making the masks was fun and not difficult for the kids to do, as this meeting with the friends from MC UNIX was not the first, and all the participants already knew each other well.

At the end, all of the fabulous birds were given unique names, and the children were given a New Year present from MC UNIX – a table hockey game.


WARM HEART of MC UNIX. Action 9On October 23 the central office employees held another action under the charitable project “Warm Heart”.

This time, the MC UNIX representatives visited the branch of the Ekaterinburg children’s home located in Beryozovsky. The friendly MC UNIX colleagues spent a “cleanup day” together with the children – they helped removing leaves and litters from the surrounding area.

As the weather was not very sunny, only five kids participated in the event. But their work was very active, and it took them only two hours to finish the cleaning.

The next “Warm Heart” action is planned for the New Year holidays: the kids are impatient to get the presents from our company.



WARM HEART of MC UNIX. Action 8On September 21, 2012 Medical Company UNIX held another action under the charitable project “Warm Heart”. This time the MC UNIX employees arranged an interactive show based on the fairy tales written by Ural writers for pupils of primary school age of the Orthodox Church school at the Church of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God. The school is attended by about 40 children from 1 to 4 grade.

The event was held at the Museum "Literary Life of the Urals in XX century" that is located in the Literary Quarter, in the neighbourhood of MC UNIX Ekaterinburg office.

The excursion arranged by MC UNIX for the pupils of the Orthodox Church school was interesting both for children and adults: a modern design, a vivid narration of the guide, an interesting and educational program for children that made them wish to open a book and reread the familiar fairy tales. All the participants were very glad and got positive emotions.

In addition, the organizing committee of the "Warm Heart" of MC UNIX purchased new textbooks and copybooks for the pupils for the new academic year.


WARM HEART of MC UNIX. Action 7On August 3, 2012 employees of Medical Company UNIX held the next action within the charity project “Warm Heart”. The MC UNIX team spent this day with the Chepkins – a “unique” family raising five children: two of them are own children and three – adopted ones. MC UNIX arranged for the children a visit to the amusement park “Galileo” where both the kids and the adults spent wonderful time and enjoyed the sweets. During this day the action participants learnt details of the family’s biography and everyday life.

Elena Chepkina, an optimistic, kind-hearted and careful mother, practices hippotherapy for children with development problems. The head of the family, who suffered in a car accident, now moves only using wheel-chair, but yet through it all he lives a very active life.

More than five years have passed since the moment when they became one big family. All the children of this family study in a good school, additionally attending music and art schools, military patriotic clubs, hobby groups. It should be noted that the children became maximally socialized for this period, they make plans for the future and think about their future education.

Of course, everyone has his own way in life, but example of this family, being not rich materially, but being rich inside – cannot remain unnoticed!


WARM HEART of MC UNIX. Action 6On July 10, 2012 a regular event within the "Warm Heart" charity project of MC UNIX was held in Ekaterinburg. This time, the action was held in conjunction with the charity organization “Sunny Children”. The organization is engaged in development of children having this syndrome, contributes to their maximum involvement in the life of society, and supports the families where such kids live. To date about 200 children with Down syndrome from Ekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region are registered in the “Sunny Children” organization. According to statistics one of 800 newborns is susceptible to this genetic disease.

The event, which was attended by 16 representatives of MC UNIX, kids and their parents, was held in the central park of culture and rest named after V.Mayakovsky and consisted of two parts: during the first one the representatives of MC UNIX walked and talked with the children aged 3 to 10 years, and then with the children from 11 to 15 years. The kids had the opportunity to ride on amusement rides, designed for different age groups: merry-go-rounds, swings, trampolines, electric cars, trains, mirrored rooms and so on. After that all the participants visited the petting zoo where the children could hand-feed the animals: donkeys, chickens, roe deer and rabbits.

All the children looked very happy and glad, as it turned out that most of them had never attended such events before.

It should be noted additionally what attention and care the kids receive from their parents! Many of them came with their families, accompanied by elder brothers and sisters. Most of the children we communicated with live in their families’ houses and study in specialized schools, so they are outgoing and sociable as much as it’s possible. This is what distinguishes them fundamentally from children having the same syndrome, but living in children’s homes: such children, as a rule, are very far behind in development, and many of them die within the first year of life. As for the parents who face this problem, it’s a separate topic worth to be noticed. Typically, mothers in such families dedicate themselves entirely to raising their children, as such kids begin to walk independently only at the age of about three. Their physical and mental development requires special attention in order to achieve results they need special training, procedures and therapeutic exercises

This is not the first meeting of the MC UNIX employees with the “sunny children” and we will certainly visit them again.


WARM HEART of MC UNIX. Action 5On May 18, 2012 the Medical company UNIX employees carried out another action within the charitable project “Warm Heart”. The event was associated with the celebration of the Great Patriotic War Victory Day. The company’s employees together with the invited musicians arranged a concert for the people with disabilities and for the seniors living in the public inpatient institutions - the rest home for elderly and the disabled care “7 springs” located in Ekaterinburg. Many war and patriotic songs beloved and known by everyone were performed on the concert.

After the concert the Medical company UNIX employees took part in the excursion to the rest home during which they talked to the people living there.

Territory and premises improvement is mostly a result of the institution residents’ efforts. They clean and improve the premises and surrounding area themselves: look after the park and flower beds and run a small household.

360 elderly and disabled people live in this institution, most of which are no longer able to move independently and need constant medical care. And only 10% of the residents, according to the Medical company UNIX employees, do not have close relatives and children, the rest were abandoned by their families. This institution also accepts children from children's homes, which achieve 18 years age and cannot live independently. These are the young people who take care of the elderly people living in the rest home.

Medical company UNIX presented various health aids to the institution, as well as materials for the assembly hall decoration.


WARM HEART MC UNIX. Action 4On April 19 the Medical company UNIX employees visited once again the department for children with ICP at the Ekaterinburg children’s home located in Beryozovsky.

On the eve of the Victory Day a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, Pavel Nikiforovich Glazyrin, met the children. During the meeting the veteran was telling the children about his life, military service, war time and postwar routine.

Unfortunately, nowadays children have a quite vague vision of what was the Great Patriotic War for our country, but these kids have much less information about the war time. During the meeting they learnt much about everyday life of people living in the middle of the XX century.

After the interesting storied had been told by Pavel Glazyrin the children presented him with thematic paintings, and the teachers thanked him for the meeting. 

And traditionally the center received, as a charitable gift, health aids from MC UNIX and its employees.


WARM HEART MC UNIX. Action 3On March 29, 2012 representatives of Medical company UNIX held another action within the charitable project “WARM HEART”. They were talking and walking with the kids from the rehabilitation center for children with disabilities “POLYANKA”, playing numerous development games for fast reaction skills, tactile sense and so on.

After the walk the adults helped the kids put off their winter coats and presented them tasty gifts for dinner. The children were very excited to meet the volunteers and have the opportunity to talk and play with new people, because it is very important for them to gain skills of communication with strangers.

In addition, the center “POLYANKA” received from Medical company UNIX a lot of he health aids, a part of which were collected by the company employees.


The second charitable action within the project WARM HEART of MC UNIX

Warm Heart of Medical Company UNIX carried out the second actionWarm Heart of Medical Company UNIX carried out the second actionWarm Heart of Medical Company UNIX carried out the second action

Employees of Medical company UNIX visited the rehabilitation center for children with disabilities “Polyanka” together with the teacher, who held a fairytale musical class. Different aged children together with the employees of Medical company UNIX were watching the fabulous turning of the heroes, answering the questions of the teacher and playing educational games.

After the class the children and the teacher were given a present – a new recorder – which will help the children listen to musical audio fairy tales. Every child also received a sweet gift. The kids showed the action participants their crafts corner with various wonderful crafts of clay and straw, stitchery and many other things made by the children with the help of their teachers. 

Many other employees from the Ekaterinburg office did not remain uninvolved as well and, though they could not come themselves, they sent to the children numerous extremely needed health and hygienic aids (washing powders, sterile bandages and so on), and collected money for such aids.

Charitable project of Medical Company UNIX “WARM HEART”

Warm Heart Medical company UNIXOn January 28 there was the first action held by representatives of Medical Company UNIX within a long-term charitable project “Warm Heart”. MC UNIX together with the organization “Sunny Children" arranged an art workshop for 4-6 years old children with Down’s syndrome. The company’s employees and parents glued appliques together with the children, painted and played games. After a 1-hour activity all the children were presented with a variety of toys, art kits and educational games.

The meeting was followed by the tea-party with delicious cakes and words of gratitude coming from both sides. I strongly believe that all the participants of this meeting have changed to the better at least a little bit: both those who shared the warmth of their souls, and those who got it.

The “Warm Heart” project was created by Medical Company UNIX for the purpose of giving help and support to the children with disabilities. In the future we plan to hold regular actions of this kind.

These kids will probably never be the graduates from normal schools, they will not be racking their brains about Unified State Exams, but they have to take their own exam for the right to live in the human society.

Down’s syndrome is a genetic chromosomal condition caused by the presence of extra chromosome in human cells. An extra 47th chromosome causes the appearance of a number of physiological characteristics, which result into delays in children’s cognitive ability and physical growth. Down’s syndrome is not a disease. People with Down’s syndrome do not “suffer” from it, they are neither “affected” by this syndrome, nor are its “victims”. It is incorrect to call people with Down’s syndrome “Down”, it is better to call them “persons with Down’s syndrome”, “children with special needs” or “people with disabilities”.

According to statistics, one of 700 newborns is born with Down’s syndrome. This ratio is about the same for different countries, climate zones, social strata. It does not depend on parents’ lifestyle, health, pernicious habits, food, income, education, skin color or nationality. Boys and girls are born with equal frequency. Parents at the same time have a normal number of chromosomes.