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UNIX Company is planning to commission the medical unit in Dubna by the end of this year

UNIX Company is planning to commission the medical unit in Dubna by the end of this year Progress in construction of the new medical unit of Dubna city hospital has been checked by Andrey Vorobyov, Governor of the Moscow Region. The new medical unit is being reconstructed by UNIX Company.       

The new medical unit of Dubna city hospital is a medical facility for 190 beds in a 16 thousand square meters. 

According to Alexey Osipov, Dubna city hospital’s Chief physician, the construction and interior finishing are being carried out fully on schedule. A staff of specialists has been already completed.

This seven-floor medical unit will house inpatient care, sterilization and X-ray departments on its first floor, general surgery and endoscopy department on its second floor, oncology and surgery departments on its third floor, gynecology department on its fourth floor, traumatology and urology departments on its fifth floor, intensive care and traumatology departments on its sixth floor, and a surgery department with 6 operating rooms on its seventh floor. The facility with be equipped with 6 elevators. The new medical unit will be joined to the already functioning hospital by the heated connecting corridor. Each ward will have private bathroom with toilet.  

Andrey Vorobyov, Governor of the Moscow Region: “Our main goal is to put the site into operation by the end of this year”. 

High-tech medical equipment will be installed in the new medical unit of the Dubna city hospital in first quarter 2019, to provide medical care to patients with myocardial infarction and stroke.

Since 2014 this medical unit was considered to be an abandoned construction site. In 2017, by order of the governor of the Moscow Region, the construction was restarted within a framework of the “Healthcare of the Moscow region”, a state program planned for 2014-2020.    

Based on the tender results, a state contract worth 1.03 billion rubles was signed with UNIX Company for completion of the construction.

The construction process is being kept on track. Building structures were reinforced and one extra floor was overbuilt. At the moment the installation of the internal utility systems is being completed and the interior finishing has been started. 

UNIX’s construction workers came to the site in December and the active work started in January 2018. More than 150 specialists work at the construction site daily. The facility is expected to be commissioned on December, 25 2018.

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