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Comprehensive Integrator

Main stages of complex project implementation

At present UNIX is a comprehensive integrator implementing large-scale projects on a turnkey basis in the sphere of medical engineering and equipping of medical and preventive treatment institutions. Being one of the largest distributors in the Russian market of medical equipment and disposables, the company supplies products of the world leading manufacturers to the most regions of the country and provides a full package of associated services – from setting-up of equipment to arranging trainings for specialists.

  1. Generating innovative ideas

    Being highly sensitive to changes in public needs, UNIX has been continuously studies recent developments in the medical sphere.
  2. Exploring innovative opportunities

    UNIX is considering an idea through the prism of the global and domestic experience in the sphere of medical engineering, using the best solutions for ideas realization.
  3. Preparation of contractual documents

    UNIX takes the responsibility for performance of all the project related work, from engineering to trainings for medical institutions personnel.
  4. Preparation of project documents

    UNIX – is a professional consultant. Being not only a supplier and designer, UNIX is focused on honesty and openness and is able to apply an individual approach to each customer.
  5. Construction and assembly work

    UNIX integrates a complicated hightechnology complex of work. Buildings and structures of future medical institutions are erected in strict compliance with the contractual and project documents, as well as all applicable rules and regulations. Networks elaborated with filigree precision are laid for installation and effective use of high tech medical equipment designed to resolve acute problems related to people’s health.
  6. Putting new medical facilities into operation

    UNIX performs commissioning, installation and putting new medical facilities and equipment into operation.
    Partners of UNIX company
  7. Equipping

    Having proved itself as a reliable partner, UNIX enjoys confidence of the world leading manufacturers of medical equipment that allows introducing advanced medical technologies into the Russian healthcare system.
  8. Maintenance personnel trainings

    Having all required licenses and highly qualified personnel UNIX conducts master-classes for doctors on the use of newest equipment provided to medical and preventive treatment institutions.
  9. Monitoring of economic indicators

    Joint work of customers and executors on the project allows avoiding many mistakes, and direct contacts with manufacturers of medical equipment allow significantly decrease the project costs.

The company is aimed at active dialogue with a customer. Collaborative work of customers and executors on the project allows avoiding many mistakes afterwards that significantly saves time and reduces costs.

With an ideaof innovative development of the Russian healthcare system being chosen as the priority, UNIX introduces the best practices of advanced medical and engineering technologies. The company has already gained a great experience in implementation of engineering projects and plans to actively develop this prospective line in the future.