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Completed projects

19 years
in the

81 regions
of Russia

Our 81 regions
of the Russian Federation.

40 linear

We equipped more than 40
MPI all over Russia with
linear accelerators.

3000 equipment

Have been installed
for the year 2017.

200 contracts

with manufacturers
from around the world.


Construction of healthcare facilities on a turnkey basis is based on the concept of overall management of the construction process, from the moment when an idea of construction appears to the putting of the medical institution into operation.

Use of advanced medical technologies increasingly requires a comprehensive approach to equipping of hospitals on a turnkey basis. The approach is focused on engineering activities that allow creating optimal conditions for diagnostics and treatment of patients through the use of one or another equipment.

Medical engineering ensures a functional combination of different methods, provides the use of special finishing materials, installation of specialized ventilation and air-conditioning systems, heating systems, water pipe and sewage systems, medicinal gases, wire installation, low power and information networks installation in accordance with the equipment layout plan.

Considering the fact that most medical institutions, especially specialized ones, are unique construction objects, and, as a rule, they are built by an individual project without any standard pattern. And, If a project is designed and implemented by different investors and contractors, the process becomes very complicated that may be accompanies by numerous changes, redesigns and readjustments.


Use of modern financial mechanisms when carrying out a unified process of designing, construction and equipping of a medical object by one managing company also gives the opportunity to save budget funds significantly through attraction of non-budgetary investments, effective use of labor resources and opportunity to implement projects within record-short time, at the same time with high responsibility for the final result.